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Outlaws 2018 Driving Licence Application Form

Outlaw Oval Racing Press Release.

On Wednesday afternoon at Hunmanby Raceway Scarborough, Minster FM breakfast presenter Roxanne Pallett was taking part in an organised event in conjunction with Minster FM to promote the Outlaws Gold Top Final to be held at Hunmanby over the weekend of 11th & 12th August. Part of the promotion was a match race between Roxanne and her fellow breakfast host Ben Fry in two Outlaws. After doing promotional photos Ben and Roxanne were kitted out in full safety equipment and given a driver briefing by 2 outlaw officials. They were instructed to do a few familiarisation laps to get a feel for the cars then return to the pits prior to the start of filming. Ben was out on the track first and had completed several laps before Roxanne joined him. Exiting turn 2 of the track Roxanne lost control of the car and hit the Armco safety fence causing the car to come to an abrupt stop. Officials were on hand immediately and Roxanne was fully conscious and talking to them, although obviously in a state of shock and some pain. After speaking to her she complained of neck ache and as a precautionary measure the emergency services were called. After discussion with the emergency services it was decided to extricate her from the car by cutting the roof off. She was then put into the air ambulance and taken to Hull infirmary. Outlaw Oval Racing would like to commend the East Yorkshire emergency services for their professional and prompt response. We have been informed that Roxanne has sprained her wrist and suffered bruising. Obviously, all outlaw oval racing officials, drivers and fans wish her speedy recovery and hopefully we will see her at The Outlaw Gold Top championship in August.