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The outlaws ladies race will be on Sunday 6th November at Eddie Wright Raceway Scunthorpe in support of the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance. If you would like to take part and help raise funds for this fantastic charity and the amazing work they do saving peoples lives, ladies please  leave us a message on facebook or text or ring kelly on 07760556906.


The booking list for the Outlaws World Final day is looking massive with 80 Outlaws booked in so far and counting. If you would like to race please get booked in as soon as possible. Here is the booking list so far......

716  Dave Muckian

57    Billy Fenwick

263  Chris Worrall

433  Steve Lilly

513  Derrick Crane

749  Dave Lockwood

36    Edd Pannett

811  Andrew Benn

411  Ben Monks

50    Ian Anderson

722 Jack Taylor,
700 Willem Thompson
701 John Turbo Thompson
187 Craig Smith
261 Jason Lamburn
444 Dave Revill
420 James Lovell
115 Ben Farebrother
333 Baz Turner
363 Trevour Queenan
423 Neil Darby
888 Simon Edwards
100 Colin Patten
101 John W Patten

626 Charles Wagstaff
364 Dan Lowther
326 Johnny Hall
22 Michael Garfoot
896 Adam Cockburn
725 Paul Broatch
152 Lee Ward
156 Allan Watson
1 Daz Kitson
657 Neil Smith
446 Jame Garlicky
42 Ashley Greening
50 Ian Anderson
33 Andy Kaye
640 Johnny Forster
585 Jamie Bower
589 Brian Wood
401 Ashleigh Wareham
601 Mark Wareham
421 Gary Webb
87 Jack West
63 Steve Sheehan
H30 Jelly Schut
H277 Ronald Cleas
29 Chad Harris
121 Lee Booton
777 Jay Lamb
326 Johnny Hall
94 Tom Bradley
693 Martin Hinchcliffe
385 Steve Thompson
390 Craig Thompson

284 Jody Griffin
190 Jeff Metcalfe
666 Dave Dorans
784 Tom Roberts
866 Bobby Griffin
4 Martin Mcging
252 Rick Irving
288 Stuart Whetstone
140 Andy Robinson
836 Dave Pannett
936 Wayne Armstrong
858 John Allsop
189 George Heppenstall
131 Ray Pursglove
28 Ian Coulson
44 Karl Adams
814 Neil Coulson
586 Sean Hackworth
645 Josh Mole
145 Graham Mole
994 Paul Hopkins
108 Mark Wainwright
38 Chris Alderson
34 Steve Hunt
692 Andrew Bottoml

Please book in now to race on Sunday 6th November for the Season Finale.  Please leave us a message on facebook or text or ring kelly on 07760556906

Congratulations to the Outlaws 2016 WORLD CHAMPION Winner 145 Graham Mole

Congratulations to the Outlaws 2016 British Championship Winner 1 Daz Kitson,  2nd 513 Derick Crane & 3rd 36 Edd Pannett

Congratulations to the Outlaws 2016 Lincolnshire Championship Winner 994 Paul Hopkins 2nd 784 Tom Roberts & 3rd 284 Jody Griffin

A big thank you to all of the ladies who raced on the 25th June to help raise money to support baby callum and the Alfie Fund and to everyone who kindly donated. We are still getting donations in so the amout raised will be announced soon.

Well done everyone and to the winning ladies, 1st place wendy wilson, 2nd Sharne Steele and 3rd Rosey Bradley. Photos from the race can be found in the gallery.

Congratulations to the Outlaws Irish Open Championship Winner 2016 252 Rick Irving